perspectives :)

haha i just reread what i wrote, and i guess… :) i really have one of the best deals i could ask for :’)

so… let’s just all put things in perspective, shall we? :)

going up a bit, we have my OM friends– working day and night (literally) for their competition. i have a couple of really good OM friends, and one of them told me she’s been staying up till 2am, 3am just to sew, to complete her OM ‘work’! The day before, she didn’t sleep at all– unless 5 minutes, from 5am-5.05am counts. She had spent a couple of all-nighters in the past 2 weeks alone. and her mother has been spending it with her too. i really really admire their dedication to their cause, the competition which doesn’t exactly benefit their studies, or help them in the future. but yet– yet.  i think i mentioned a couple of times my awe, but words don’t mean as much as actions. so i acted. tried my best to help them especially in the last 2 weeks, taking notes when they were falling asleep in class, staying back to teach them, even threading strings haha. their work did pay off though. :) they did brilliantly, rgs-styled hahaha, scooping up a bunch of 1sts and 2nds. congrats<3

and leaping up, is Singapore. my close senior-sister-friend once asked me, “do you think you’re fortunate?” i paused for a bit then grinned at her. “yup!” i replied confidently. “come on, we live in Singapore! what more can you ask for?” she agreed whole-heartedly. we live in singapore, we ARE really very lucky. no matter how “bad” the situation gets, hey, it isn’t the end of the world, right!

today we received our bio paper today (my ra subject! ^^) and during guides, my friend asked me how i did. i crinkled my nose, “i’ve been scrapping 4.0s (80%) all over the place!” i pout half-jokingly. “heyy that’s good what!!” she mock-glares at me. “what do you want? full marks?” all i could do was smile sheepishly. come on la, who doesn’t want full marks right? XD but it isn’t always possible. so i guess it depends on which side you’re on. are you gonna moan and groan over a paper we’ve already done and received back? or just smile and accept it, and pledge to do better if you didn’t do as expected. :)  i was a little upset over math paper, just sitting unnaturally quietly in a chair. my friend came over and plonked down on a chair next to me. “how was math!” i smiled, actually pretty genuinely. “not too bad, but… we’ll just work harder for philo and chinese to make up, alright!” that’s the spirit. ^^

here’s a song i’ve been hearing since i first came into rgs! everyone loves it haha :) and for good reason too!


geog aa, malay oral, history pt, ss aa, chem paper, history paper. CHARGE!!! :D


One thought on “perspectives :)

  1. Knight says:

    Both of us are the kind of people who will always try our best to be wherever we’re needed by our loved ones. Naïve and stupid, but I rather take being a good person and stupid, than to be smart and conniving, amirite?

    You need to rest more, Princess. Take care.

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