happy days (;

Hahaha my batch of house commers would recognize this song! ^^

To say I haven’t been writing wouldn’t be accurate per se– I have. I’ve been writing Work! And doing projects, and writing math and Chinese and occasionally in my diary. Just not here… (it’s slightly harder to write a coherent post then most think but then again maybe I’m just generally ~woo~) but hey I’m still around, yo! :D

Term 2’s pace is picking up so quickly, like a hurricane or more accurately, an intense drum beat– saturating our environment and insinuating into our senses. I guess it makes the times I relax and just let loose even sweeter :) :)

Saturday was a really nice day. I hung out with my pokemon friends (haha if you’re thinking of a cute fuzzy mouse, nope they’re my human friends from the pokemon GROUP) almost the entire day! ;)

Haha for the first time I took part in a multi-tag tourney with Fabian! Lolz fine maybe it doesn’t quite count coz… 5/6 our team was his shinies x) but it was really awesomely fun! Didn’t know it could get so intense hahaha (and the musicccc), but re-experiencing the thrill of battle is incredible! I took part in chess comps all the time when I was little (70+ trophies sitting there for proof), but eventually the thrill died down, or I got too used to it that it didn’t practically matter anymore. That’s the importance of breaks– you come back feeling refreshed, stronger than ever! :) Haha anyway the tourney was darned epic! I really owe you one, Fabian!!<3

Magic card gathering, i think it's called ^^ Haha I haven't played card games in agesss x) I used to love them I mean– 60 cards but thousands of possibilities how is that not cool man!! But I kept dropping cards all over the place coz my hands are a bit… Small. ^^; We went to astronomy at woodlands after that! It was coincidentally earth hour (we were discussing it in class today– asking what we did. "did you feel bored? frustrated?" in an attempt to educate us on the necessities of energy :)) And I was laughing quietly to myself, bored? Not at all buddy! (; Growling-ly annoyed at times, bickering till cows came home, but NOT bored, haha!

The sky was beautiful that night, and the park was happily crowded (the kind of crowded where people's there, but not overwhelmingly so). The tiny grassy hill was cute, slightly moist; the guitar notes were soft and sweet; and conversation? Even more so. Thank you. :)

RJ and HCI all brought telescopes, and I had this half-hour long astro lesson omg XD learnt a bit of star-hopping, practical astro, and star brightness from 1st to 11th! I know I know you must be thinking "are you SIRIUS" (HAHAHA okayokay enough of lamenesszzx) and yes, Wang Ye's that much of a muggerrr!! ;) Haha kidding la, more knowledge never hurt anyone.

I like Saturdays.

And hey? Check out Sunday. Good things always spread, happiness and love actually DO prevail! ;D



2 thoughts on “happy days (;

  1. Knight says:

    1-Magic the Gathering. Starting a team soon, maybe you can be the Team Chick. Make all the MtG nerds nosebleed when you’re playing. ;)

    2-Noticed I’m not mentioned at all by name…why!? And to anyone other than Mich reading the comments section, HI!!! I’M…

    I’m the Bard/Knight. Nice to meet you;)

    3-…Mich? wrrrrrrrrr! $_$

    4-And your Sunday Picture CANNOT compare to the Zombie Mich on my phone. :D

    5-Okay, gonna stop trolling your comments<3

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