little things in the midst of everything

truthfully, it’s really a wonder how i manage to squeeze some time just to do the things i like, by myself. in between all the mugging (omg examsss ahhh. haha i do love science though! so i’m gonna try my best for sure!), my friends and amazing confusing unforgettable social life, captaincy, prefectship.

i’m finding time to read, to play, to do Nothing, to dance, to practice music! :)

music is an brilliant invention :D not really an invention i guess– it’s  been here since time immemorial! but only recently have i really started appreciating it. i have a friend who’s more of an ‘I’ in the MBTI, and she absolutely adores the piano. dashing around the school settling all my stuff in school, i never fail to see her at our grand piano, or at least hear her beautiful music floating with the breeze. :) when she’s playing it’s like results, social statuses, number of friends, all don’t matter– it’s just her and her music. and whenever i can scrape a bit of time, i slip in beside her and share her enjoyment quietly. it’s like me with guitar (and the piano, to some extent, and reading!!~), i can play for hours on end haha. XD not sure if it’s something to be proud of, but haha i like it.

during dinner this sudden inexplicable urge to hunt down this song from when i first found it through eugene’s blog came over me. i couldn’t remember his name, only the title but i’m really glad i found it :) I love this song! It’s such a light, happy piece. :D

call me a dreamer but listening to it– i imagine this is little angel-fairy travelling the world, enjoying and exploring and experiencing, lightheartedly enriching the lives of those around her. and somewhere along the way, her friends join her, and together the accompaniment and melody flow together, complementing each other. and all throughout there’s this rhythm, this ever-present background ostinato supporting her! :)

i’m glad i really enjoy spending nice time alone :) that i’m not completely lost when my friends are busy. haha but at the end of the day i’m still an ‘E’, i guess. i love people. :) my friend said how her sister, currently studying at overseas, picks up her bag and goes to the mall whenever she feels down. she sees scores and scores of people walking around, and she feels better. :)  the power of people, huh? ^^


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