random — oneee!

hahaha I realize I usually have a lot of thoughts which can’t really be categorized, or given a title to; so I’m next time i’ll title them “random”, with a number behind it– then i’ll know how many random bunch of posts I have too hehe (;

GUESS WHAT. I’m learning a dance! During what free time I have. *cough* Oh and playing the guitar too!! ;D I’ve alway kinda known how to play it, but after march hol’s board camp, i started picking it up more and it’s really fun! Strumming any random tune in your head, trying it out on guitar… haha I love creating music. Just my own kind though, don’t get me wrong i don’t have the skill to be a composer… But more than enough to amuse myself and entertain my friends :) i wanna play to them one day, it’ll be cool.

anyway back to the dance i’m learning– it’s a kpop one, called Paradise, by Infinte! check it out! :D

it’s actually really good, fast-paced, lively and energetic :) my girl buddies are also learning dances from Infinite, but not this one. I was kinda inspired to learn this by Mao Xuan. :) He wants to join some dance-off next time after his Os i think. Supporting you all the wayyy! this dance is a little awkward for me to do coz there’re hip thrusts generously peppered in the chorus– And he almost suggested i do a “more feminine dance” coz of this, but haha no way! hmm, i’ll improv maybe… see how. actually yeah, i should! just need to add a dash or 2 smoother girl-styled moves, see how it’ll turn out. ^^

I’ll show you man! maybe someday, if we actually dance together :)

i love candid shots!! :) taken the night i came home after the pokemon group’s tau huay outing– one of the first times I dressed down when out with them haha ;P we were trying out our new camera, not bad is it! (and the subject too of courseeee)

random cute candid ;)

after guides camp– we looked a lot scarier with powder smeared all over hmm! but they were all dusted away by our excited celebrations haha ^^

"phew~" check out our awesomepossum makeup yo<3


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