just one post :)

I came online with the intention of posting about my birthday, and the day before my birthday and the day after, and the week ahead i’m so excited about ;D

But I read this post (http://arafflesinstitutionlife.wordpress.com/2012/01/14/coming-to-terms-with-being-elite-singapore/). And haha, suddenly, i wanted to post my thoughts too. The post, I can relate to it so much, especially in the last two years. I’ve been caught up in my studies, humbled by my friends; been silently labelled ‘elite’, and fought to show that i’m still just me, and that there isn’t a problem with being elite. :) This year, I’m doing my best to show and spread, and not just proclaim, my heart. So I now know how a heart beats, so I know the chemicals behind feelings–both happy and sad, so I know the medications to treat all these. But RGS… and RI, teaches us much more than that. :)

I hope one day I’ll be as inspiring as this.

I’m not saying I agree with everything, or that there aren’t flaws in his argument. There are, no one’s perfect. But everyone can TRY. Try our best!


One thought on “just one post :)

  1. Batman says:

    There isn’t a problem with being an Elite, or hell. Being a not-so-Elite.
    The undue pressure of being seen as such.

    Well, we all bleed the same.

    It doesn’t matter if one fails, or succeeds. It doesn’t matter if you’re caught in two worlds.

    What matters is that if you can truly say that you’ve tried your best.
    I’ll always be here for you. In both your worlds.

    Because. Every superhero has an alter ego:)


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