when things collide

pb gm yesterday was about managing emotions (i’ll post about that later, if i have time :)) and on be-yourself-day 2 days ago, my friend dressed as Eponine from Les Miserables– reminded me of a song which (when i first heard of), was quite confused/sad about. It’s called ‘On My Own’, sung by Eponine. The lilting melody’s nice, but it’s a scarily emotional song.


Y’know i’m starting to think i trust too easily. learning everyday, unexpectedly. but i refuse to give up my trust! :) // hurt’s recoverable, but everyone deserves a chance. …right?

in any case i’m taking a break from… some things for a while– it’s too destructively confusing. letting the rhythm of my school swoosh everything away :)


One thought on “when things collide

  1. Who Else? says:

    Confusion is a good feeling to let you know that it’s something new in life that you’re experiencing.
    Perhaps disorientation is scary. Maybe you need time to reassess and re-trust yourself with whatever it was you were thinking. Reorientation with the world, and life. What Life has thrown straight at you.

    Trust is good. Trust your instinct before trusting someone.

    Hurt’s recoverable, but not everyone deserves a chance. Always be on your toes, if you choose to trust someone who has been proven to have made a mistake.

    “Always protect the self before protecting the principal”
    A very old and traditional Bodyguard’s Maxim.
    If you die as the bodyguard, then the principal, or the person you were protecting, dies as well, and you have failed your duty as the bodyguard.

    The Dark Knight.

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