RI&RG PeeBees :) 1 thing 2 do 3 words for you: you are amazing.

Haha no, the you doesn’t refer to a person per se. It’s addressed to RI PB :)

Today 11.25pm, we left class (somewhat) excitedly– for the first time since i was a little pit, i was finally going to a proper invest! x) RI PB’s invest, too.

Invest was really, impeccably planned. From the meaningful intro to the dramatic closing, everything flowed like… i would say ‘clockwork’, but since they love gears, everything blended together seamlessly, like turning gears :) It wasn’t really the planning that caught my eye, although we were all suitably impressed. (come on– 5 rehearsals, an overnight one and 11.30pm the day before?!) It was the SPIRIT of the whole entire investiture, that was there from the start to the very end.

The Y5 prefects who graduated came back to watch this ceremony, they sat 2 rows behind us, this intimidating bunch of white white people. It was exco, and every time their juniors were invested into their new roles, they would stand up, the only people poking out from the seated hall, and clap and clap and clap and smile. The wheel keeps turning, a new generation comes and goes, but with such lovely seniors, it’s no wonder at all that the prefects there are of really high calibre. Reciting their Prefect Pledge (i just have to honour it with caps) was eye-opening too. “Prefects, please raise your right hand”, went the deputy head in this deep baritone. And suddenly from behind us there was this scraping of chairs, as ex-riprefects in the audience stood up. Together they said their Pledge, with such confidence and strength and determination– with no hesitation whatsoever. I guess it really just blew me away. The first invest i attended, their pledge was kinda badly memorised, and prefects there said it half-heartedly, lacklusteredly; a world apart from this bunch of motivated student leaders.

RI. 2 letters, with so much meaning behind it. I guess it was only halfway through the ceremony it struck me that this was Raffles Institution, the school we would be merging with next year, the batch of students we would meet and study with and get to know. And in oddly comforting way, my heart soared.

Haha, but all seriousness aside, the invest was pretty funny. At the start as we all streamed into the waiting area, we were greeted by this bunch of guys. And woahhh one of them started ‘guessing’ really accurately, our names! I was third in line, and he knew the names of my first 2 friends and i was all ‘omg help i don’t know anyone :O’!! My plot to switch places with my friend failed and he spotted me. “…Michelle!”, he exclaimed, staring at me expectantly. And I just panicked for a bit, because i didn’t know or couldn’t remember who he was, and here he was sprouting out my name. I swear he smirked at my frozen state. Turns out he saw me at smp, wellllll heh. >;;:D” it proclaimed, gleefully. The conversation with my RI friend was pretty epic after that x) And with Hullett’s capt too. House is so different there, i’m really quite curious how they manage with 1/4 the number of people we have :O

Haha at the end of the day, i’m not saying they’re perfect, or that we’re already best friends. And maybe I’m biased– duh there’re loads of considerations. but where they are is a start, we have SO much to learn :) :)

haha it’s 10 minutes to 1am, and maybe i’m crazy, but i’m illogically happy. thank you rgpbgm, ripb and dr ng. :) stories for later la! school’s calling.

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