Disillusioned. Maybe it’s just now, coz i’m moody after guides, but hey, it has been a fun day! :)

We were practicing fire-lighting today– 3 matches, twigs, a sandy hole in the ground, and we’re supposed to boil water! Heh. So halfway through i was all– dangg why am I attempting to puff that stupid fire to life?! x) it was a couple of minutes till the end of our session, so for the first time in a while, I just plopped down on the muddy grass, staring at the spark flare up and almost die out and smoke and smoke and smoke. Too wet punk, oops. It's not supposed to give off white steamy smoke like that.

So there I was, half-heartedly attempting to will my fire to life– and I realized it's kinda cool, a bit like life! Hahaha. It may be small but it's still hot and bright and just one spark starts the fire. Okay I don't know I was thinking a lot more just now, brain's tired now x)

TODAY WAS AN AWESOME DAY!! ;D it was be yourself day, and I took loads of photos and talked to my teacher and seniors :) simple, easy, soothing chatter about nothing much; just us expressing ourselves, basking in the comfort of talking to a fellow human being. we're social creatures, alright. (: it's so easy to get jaded when there isn't this kinda atmosphere to chill, I think. rg's home– 4 years there making new friends, accepting new responsibilities, stressing and relaxing, and hthts everywhere! Haha I almost feel like I could just cuddle down at any spot in the school to talk or think :) I must really thank my school and friends and teachers <3

Today, especially towards the end of the day, I was a bit out-of-things though. Walking around in a haze-y daze. x) gonna make the most of my last year here! :) :D

Hahaha my juniors!! What can I say! x)


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