raffles astro`

Raffles Astro; planets and stars and friends-to-be and school-to-be

“School now’s cozy, and jc’s harder, colder” to quote my seniorsister :) but y’know what, it isn’t if you know where to look. Last friday I went to raffles astro for their first session of the year with the year 5s. It was odd, knowing the chair and vicechair and no one else, but i quickly made-friends/found-seniors. The sky was not too bad, we could see venus, jupiter, and even canopus before they were engulfed by the innocent-puffy white clouds. In any case i learnt how to set up a telescope! :) I haven’t learnt any new hands-on stuff for such a long time– hanging our with new company is always great fun<3

Biomedical olympiad was the next day (WHOOTS final round here we come!), so i headed off first, leaving my comforting-mildly-acquainted group for the carpark, on the other end of the campus. Padding along first floor corridor, slight skitterish in my conspicuous blue skirt, i was kinda just lost in my own world– it had been a long day of lessons and friends, after all. :) Suddenly this hauntingly¬†beautiful strain of piano music floated past me, and like a bright firefly to a candle, i was drawn to it, subconsciously curving towards it. The music was from a dark oak-coloured piano near the pick-up point, and a guy was just sitting there sagely, long fingers flowing gracefully over the keys. And when a stepped closer, he suddenly changed the piece, to a happy one. I was amazed, I’ve never seen a guy play the piano like that.


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