house’s your day! ;)


I just found this photo I took of my scribbled-on hand last last last house prac! 3 weeks ago, help, how time flies. It’s almost the end of week 8, 1 more official week of school till LJ week!

Anyway, my amazingly SMART friend decided to write this on my arm while I was distracted BEFORE the very first house prac! Darling if you owe me a drink for everyone who commented on it– I’d have enough drinks to drink everyday for the next 3 weeks or so!! Omg >;:)

I’m sitting at my computer now, with my phone next to me, vibrating its butt off. I’m so thankful i didn’t reveal my blog on any public domain, we have had 4 house pracs altogether, and the admiration the year 1s have for us, is… wow. just wow. I guessed it, in a sense, but actually being in it, it’s an entirely new experience. Yesterday after talking to my friend for a bit i was so tempted to post (randomly), that “my birthday’s next week! i want roses ;)” on facebook, just to see how many i would get. HAHA dang don’t ask, i have no idea what’s wrong with us <;3

We (housecomme) were discussing about mass dance– we want to do a MUSIC VIDEO!! Cool or what?! 8D One day we’ll all head to the beach to film (; And on that topic, we hunted down rj’s batch dance video. It’s a partner, hiphop-styled dance to the latest hits, and looking at it, i’m actually pretty excited for jc. It’ll be busier than ever, with an added (odd) dynamic mix of new subjects, new campus, boys and friends new and old. With that, i’ll move on to last friday’s astro session :)


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