more than just a shiny new badge

SLI WAS UNEXPECTEDLY FUN :D okay, not very unexpected :) but still.

I’m year 4 this year, prefect exco, captain and scholarship awardee. It amazes me, really. I’m gonna try my best to make this year count!

Laura came back, and she talked about leadership and anger. Anger. the hidden thing behind many leader’s achievement. Anger by itself isn’t destructive, it’s how the anger is manipulated and translated into actions. Anger can create inspire change, it can cause great destruction. I guess what she said was true. Everyone shields away from anger because it isn’t a very “glamours” emotion, it isn’t an emotion you would expect a leader to have, but… Anger is just energy, and channeled to a higher purpose, it can be powerful.

“It doesn’t matter where it came from, not really. It matters what you DO with it.” dear readers, how have you been handling your frustrations, your emotions? :)

After SLI we were deployed to bring our guest schools around on a school tour. Our school was ACS Barker. (yeah the one down the road that always causes a jam >)) 10 minutes into our tea, and my fellow guides rush up to me. We needed to bring the guys around, and they didn’t know what on earth to do with the five formally-dressed-in-black barker boys. Our tactic in the end– talk really quickly sotheydon’tgetachancetosayaword and shove them around school. And that’s kinda what we did! Nah joking, we made sure they were comfortable. But our relations improved eventually, discussing about our school and their school and PB. :) They were pretty nice about most things too, chatting gallantly. I guess it kinda struck me then, how we were growing up. A couple of years back, it would pretty much be boysvsgirls war– even at church! Now, everywhere you look, my batch’s interactions with the other species is increasing exponentially. Even me, i’d admit x) Herein lies a danger, i guess. We must learn how to balance our time, our friends, keep our own life :)

Our conversation really turned out to be pretty interesting, and since they only needed to leave at 12.30pm, we talked through recess with them! In the canteen. And the result was HILARIOUS. When we reached the canteen, the other students were still back in their homerooms, we we plonked down smack in the middle, the 5 of them sitting with the 2 of us. The bell rang, and suddenly hoards of students flooded the canteen, while we sat there, super zen. We barely took up half the table, but despite all the stares we got, no one else touched the entire table. Half-way through, I left the sanctuary of our table to grab an apple. Immediately, woosh~ A thousand people approached me, asking-wondering-talking-telling me louisa was looking for me but had left (dang i’m so so sorry buddy). Then I went back to the table and all was peaceful again. I burst out laughing in the middle of our conversation at the epicness of it all. Haiz my dear schoolmates. We were late for the next class, and they gentlemanly offered to walk us up to our classes and explain it. We are all growing up, indeed. :)

Later I found out that I had narrowly missed my friends’ plots. They were seriously planning on walking up to me, thumping my back and loudly saying “hey mich, nice catch!” or “tsk, exchange numbers alreadyy” or “good going, guys!” or “omggg what will your other (guys) think?!”. Thank you dear lord above for the bell. XP Friendzzz– what to do with them! :’)

seriously though, the barkers boys are not badd, and the way their pb is run is completely different from ours, but not any worse. :) and they themselves are funny, informative, and sweet, sincerely so. 2 of them just added me on Facebook x) …do i want to know how they managed to find me among the squad of my namesakes? XP


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