one month’s worth of happiness

last day of january– a month has just passed and i can safely say i was happy this month. thank you.

Today was a really nice day (despite it being my running-around day, no 2 lessons of mine are in the same class goodness me x))

The day started with IHG OC. It was quite good– or at least that’s what people keep telling me. x) I’m not so sure myself, i’m really afraid we mess it up, i guess. House Capt– 2 simple words with so much meaning behind it, so much pressures. House Capt + Prefect– striking a delicate balance between 2 different roles.

Chinese lesson was pretty funny! Everyone was in such a sleepy mood, then laoshi asked what qian3 was. and suddenly kaying and i looked up, “alkali!” we both pipped up in unison, voices blending together perfectly. Then we looked at each other and burst out laughing. dang we’re so nerdy! hahaha trust us not to know anything but science stuff in chinese. One day i wanna memorize the periodic table in chinese. Cheng Hang keeps telling me how easy it is in chinese, you can tell the state and etcetc from the chinese character! At the end of the year i wanna go with her to her house in wuhan ;) it’ll be a really good experience i think, looking at a city through the eyes of a local :)

In the afternoon i talked to huilin for such a long time. just hanging around in the canteen while the rain poured down outside. our class, our best friends, our dreams, random funny stuff. everything under the sun– and under the stars, too! She was talking about how she regret not doing much in rgs, not wanting any commitments in years 1-3, because she was afraid, but now that she’s class chair, she realized it’s not that hard after all. So it’s a little regretful, thinking back about those years she missed, especially in our amazing school. And with a start, i realized it was kinda the opposite for me. I had always been busybusybusy in rgs, from year 2 onwards. PB, house, competitions and RA– it was the i’m-being-responsible-busy and the living-up-to-expectations-busy. And at the end of year 3, in novemeber when i was happy-busy, i was wondering– why couldn’t my entire year had been like that!

So both of us, so different yet so similar, seem to have the same goal this year. We both want to take part in competitions with our friends, and enjoy your time as best we can :)

That’s why I seem to be (deliberately or not) joining so many competitions this year XD Mr Evans called me this afternoon and asked me to join the astronomy competition on behalf of rgsec. i feel so… honored. But Dr Ng just told me yesterday that she had registered me for the chemistry competition too– so omg, i really hope i can manage.

I need to go study, I guess :) NYP Astro requires O level physics, and i don’t take physics at all, help! x)

the radio seems to love me today, it just played a whole series of songs i like, and doesn’t seem to be stopping! YEAH, THANKYOU <3

Ohh staring out the window I remembered what was tickling me throughout today! Haha I wore contacts to school today, and person after person came up to me to comment on my eyes. Haha I’m not sure why, but it’s oddly funny! ^^


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