Australia CNY Trip :)

I travel a lot :) And when I do, I write! These are my really raw thoughts, including my incoherent moments when i’m sleepy… And the things I think about. <3 I type these on my phone, and transfer them here, so the POV’s of when I’m actually in the middle of it. Cool, isn’t it (;

***Day 1***

We arrived in Perth in the middle of the night, surprisingly awake. I had been doodling the entire last hour of the trip, and it was challengingly interesting >< Especially for someone as artistically-declined as me, heh. Maybe one day i’ll post some of my photos– they’re really good :)

On the taxi to the airport, I kept catching glimpse of flashes lighting up the sky—It was lightning. There was a lightning storm going on, and the driver warned of hail (though it didn’t occur). He was from Croatia, and had lived in Germany before coming to Perth. It was a pretty slow conversation, but it amazes me how he can shift from country to country just like that, so ‘easily’. Hail and a lightning storm—2 things I’d never heard of before that i’m hearing of now. I’m really excited for the trip!

***Day 2***

Slept half the day away, then we hopped on a bus for a city tour! We visited King’s Park, Freemantle market, Roundhouse ex-prison and walked through a tunnel to the beach :) The beach was really beautiful, with the waters in as many shades of blue as there are in the palette. :) And I did what I did when I was 4 or 5, I approached the sea line, then ran away from the breakers as soon as they came– so many nice action photos haha.

Blacks swans at King’s Park! The last time I visited Perth was when I was 1 and a half years old. I remember seeing a photo of me standing next to a black swan the same height as me, and we were staring curiously at each other. I took another photo this round, in the exact same post, but this time i’m so much taller.

EVENING SHOPPING!! Ahahahaha shopping was so fun!! I bought a couple of dresses. First time I willingly bought dresses— my first dress was bought for me for our class’ year 2 drama night! Heh. It was quite nice and suited me I guess, or at least people said it did, but i’ve only worn it twice. My second dress, a cute black number, was also suggested by my friend! What amazing friends I have. It’s really quite nice though, and they all trooped over to watch me buy it LOL! I’ll wear it one day :) Anddd now I have another 3 dresses to add to my 2! Haha they’re all super nice, i can’t wait to try them on! I’ve never worn a dress for a casual outing before, I should try one day… maybe. :) It’s just some weird aversion to wearing little things that end above my knees and flare out when i twirl. XD But hey, I dress well enough without dresses (oh haha Ry glaring at me and going “I hate your style!” when I met him on our second outing with my damn cool sunglasses on, just flitted through my head) (Admit it man, you secretly love it, or like seeing my eyes) (yeah haha, people have said that to me before, and me to them, so I know ;P).

Astronomy night at Perth Observatory– star gazing was lovely, the sky was twinkled with so many stars. So many, more than I’ve ever seen before in the night sky. It’s so hard to fathom that they’re all no less than a few thousand light years away, no smaller than a few suns. I love Astronomy. :)

Internet is so addictive, dang. I really needa spend a week without it all… So much for not talking to Ry for five whole days x) I just ‘(:’ at the group and poof they both appear :) it’s quite cute, really. Y’know everyone thinks we being together (if we do eventually) is some kind of joke. Gosh I don’t know what to think– 哭笑不得. There’re so many implications to that– am I that incompatible with him? Or… is he that bad that everyone thinks he does this thing just for fun. Oh well. I don’t really mind, frankly. It’s a long way to go before this gets anywhere… Maybe he’s really just experimenting. This is a dangerous game to play– something precious is at stake. *woooshh* Let’s just not think ’bout it okay :)

There’re so many guys in my life now– i’ll stop short of naming them, of course. But that’s why I almost don’t wanna ‘commit’ now. (evenifonedrawsmemore) I can’t help but imagine how my life will be with each of them– some safer, some less so, some just insane.

I’m on guard.

***Day 3***

Waverock day!

A Russian lady was on the tour with us, and she was talking about her home in Perth– “my house is just near the river and has the best riverside view. Every evening I jog along the river and it’s stunning, because the sun sets there.” <3

It sounds lovely, doesn’t it? :) Do I want a life like this? Will I be able to take the laid-back-ness, after all my years of rush? Y’know what, maybe I won’t, maybe I’ll get bored and move on– I love exploring new things and adventuring and traveling too much! But i want to TRY! Even if this may not be my style in the long run, it’ll be an amazing experience for sure :)

When I grow up I wanna travel the world, and live in different countries for a part of my life… I need a companion, a partner, a friend, a… soulmate, even, to do that with me :) Venturing from city to countryside, living life, reveling in the challenge and change and The New. And finally, rejoicing in the other’s company, no matter where we may be. Maybe it’s a rootless way of living, but it’s not like we won’t settle down eventually– together we will! :)

Who will answer my call, my cry, my… Challenge? (:

Waverock is 350km away.

Driving on and on and on… Forests green stretching as far as the eye can see. It’s such a sleepy, cozy stretch of road– lined by sun-dappled trees and the occasional little mammal. “Can we drive slow, till we run outta road?” asks Taylor Swift. Your wish’ll come true here :) The rumbling of the bus and the odd bumps hypnotizes… Goodnight world :) And thank you, driver.

A little picnic stop at a tiny antique mart, and we’re back on the road! Haha biscuits and cookies, coffee and tea and cake really does wonders to revitalize one (; We’re out of the lush forest– this half of the road is more savannah-styled. Wild grass fried to a light golden colour by the scorching sun line the 2-lane road we’re on. Short scraggly bushes bleached by the merciless weather cling on tenaciously, and across the never-ending plain, a handful of tall trees stand guard. It really is a moving sight. But kinda scary too– we’re driving and driving, hurtling past at a hundred and ten kilometers per hour, but yet we don’t leave anything behind. Nature surround us. Distance is relative. Now I know how an ant feels, scurrying across my treacherous desk. Distance is relative, like Time. If only we can tesseract! :)

A few hundred kilometers later…

I woke with a jolt when our bus pulled to a stop along the dirt track on the side. The driver hopped out, and the I looked around in confusion– we were still surrounded by acres of bushes, this can’t be our stop! It wasn’t. Our driver had spotted a car off the road, amongst the bushes, and stopped by to check on them. They had had a crash, and their car had rolled off the road but thankfully they were all okay. The passengers were all okay, but they were tourists–like us– and clueless as to what to do. He invited them onto our coach and we gave them a lift to Hyden.

A few minutes later, we spotted an Aussie guys with 2 camels in tow, carrying odf bags, a bale of hay and a solar panel on their side. He himself was jauntily strolling and leading them on, swinging his hands like he had no care in the world.

Our coach stopped again. “A car rolled off the road just 20 meters down, the passengers are alright, I’m giving them a lift into town.” The driver called out to the camel-guy. “Will do!” The camel guy acknowledged in the deep baritone that I’ve come to associate with most Aussie men. With a cheeky tip of his large farmer’s hat he grinned– the wide smile was as unexpected as a thunderbolt in a blue sky, but a thousand times more beautiful. :) And off he went, tugging his camels along (oh and the second camel pinched a bite of hay off the bale on the first camel’s back THEY WERE SO CUTE AHH <3) with a light spring in his step. His loose worn shirt ruffled in the wind as he continued onto his unknown destination– ^^

An act of kindness, of humanity in the middle of the barren landscape :)

We stopped by a dog cemetery at Corrigin, “the dog is a working member of the family, and very much well-loved”, said the guide. I can believe that. :)

We finally arrived at waverock, it’s huge, but yet not what I expected at all. I thought it’d be in the middle of a desert, but it’s really in the wilderness. Climbing all the way up the rocky terrain, the people down below seem to shrink. Soon we’re standing on top of it. The rock isn’t just a stand-alone thing. It’s the front of a huge span of rock and bush and sky. The sky’s so near to us from up on the hill. The wild ruggedness so pretty. Standing up there I can really imagine the wonder the natives had for our Earth.

Lunch was such a quietly interesting experience! Our guide and driver was from Australia, us from Singapore, Larisa from Russia and the couple from Korea. Our conversation was really entertaining, and the topics ranged from languages to children to Korean dramas ;P don’t ask how hahaha. The first time my mind wasn’t wandering around and actually focused on the conversation. (:

We stopped by Hippo’s Yawn (a rock formation) after a delicious lunch of quiche and salad ;) “Nature really does have a sense of humour!” exclaimed Larisa. Haha yeah, that’s true! But I think HUMANS are the ones with the creativity!! Who else can imagine a rock as a yawning hippo, except our flawed but creative species!

And we’re back in the bus, on the way home after a nice long day! Dark clouds are gathering in the distance, a thunderstorm is brewing, I think. Woahh the sky’s sure unpredictable! The tiny surviving strip of blue left in the sky looks on the verge of being engulfed. It’s just as well we’re on our way back! :D it’s 1.48pm, we’ll be back by 5pm, I think. :) TILL LATER, PHONE! :D

Anddd here comes the rain! It’s a light misty drizzle, unlike the torrential downpours in Singapore. It’s the kind of rain that makes me wanna dance in it! Or just twirl around (; So different from the lashing drops back home (goodness I remember having to run through the rain last time because I didn’t bring an umbrella [haha and I still don’t]– completely soaked but pretty fun on hindsight)

This kinda light rain reminds me if my time in Rider’s Lodge, during one of our in-house riding competitions. It drizzled, but we just put on a cap and continued our stuff. The horses looked lovely in the rain! After that they were all steaming and when I hugged Superforce (or was it Tyson?) at the end of our ride his wet sleek hair smelled so musky and cute and horsey.~ <

Woah, the last few hours of the trip, the ones I wasn’t quite looking forward to because of the imminent prospect of the 4 hour drive back, turned out to be one of the best! I spent the time talking to Larisa, the young lady from Russia. She’s really amazing.

//Edit: 30 Jan 2012 :)

***Day 4***

Pinnacles and Caversham Wildlife Park

IT WAS SUCH A FUN DAY!! I love animals, so the wildlife park was really a cool experience for me (; there were so many animals I won’t really have a chance to see in Singapore there. Kangaroos, koalas, wombats, quoils– I had so much fun and excitement from patting them all :) :) there was this one adorable kangaroo which plopped its forelegs on my arm and just stayed there, even though I didn’t have any food for it! He just stood there, front paws firmly planted on my arm, and stared and blinked and wriggled its head at me. And I did the same (: haha nature’s unwittingly cute, yeah? (another white kangaroo pawed my back in an attempt to get food too HEH. Coz I was surrounded on the front by a bunch of kangaroos!

i wanna stay on a farm for a some part of my life next time! I read the farm itinerary about tmr’s farm visit and it seems like hard but fulfilling work!! ^^

Next we headed to the Pinnacles. I scratched my elbow on an unassuming rock while trying to do some cool pose– and spent 5 minutes trying to lick it. THEN I remembered you couldn’t lick your own elbow. Heh >< that I really couldn’t imagine anyone still going out dancing midlife. :) Whee~

***Day 5***

FARM STAY DAY!! At Bindoon Windmill Farm :)

Interesting run-in with watermelons. LOL.

I’m watching a movie in the lounge now together with my friend’s brother. It’s this insane show about A.I. and robots and bounty hunters. Cherry 2000, I think. Haha sprawled on the floor’s not a cool position to type– hang on a bit :)

It’s half-past six, half an hour to dinner! :) the farm here runs like clockwork. Life’s here is hard work, but relaxingly so.

Haha omg i’m back here on my bed this time, trying to write again, because I didn’t manage to write much during the half an hour I had at the lounge. My friend’s bro ended up disturbing me >< so there went my peaceful writing time, heh. He has ADD– so he’s almost permanently hyper, and I seem to be his target for… Releasing energy x) don’t ask. But he’s quite funny, and surprisingly touchy-feely :) the way kids usually are, I guess. It’s kinda sweet, some kids are just like that, I guess XP

What WE DID:
There were 2 dogs and a pet kangaroo from the wildlife centre at the farm.
Collecting eggs from chickens
Feeding sheep
Riding horses
Milking cows
The couple growing grapes in 30 acres of land– they say they hire backpackers to help them pick their fruits during harvesting season. So many people travel the world, I wonder what their dreams are :)
Sheep Shearing — the guy had a 17 year old daughter-helper. Wow.
Dinner was delicious, all fresh and home-cooked by the couple :) we dashed around setting the table, then ate leisurely till late, watching the sun set from the window.
Spinning session — we were all seated around the lady’s spinning wheel, like kids gathering round a grandma listening to a fairy tale. :) she explained how to comb the wool from the sheep that was just sheared that day. Using the spindle and the wheel we spun the wool fibers into a fine but insanely strong thread. Spin spin spin. Then she had to use 2 bobbins and spin it into a 2-string thread. Next, she had to wash and dye the wool, wind it into skeins, then using a cool angled rotating device, wind it into a ball. Once it’s done, it can be knitted. Guess how long it takes from sheep to sweater? …3 years! Wooshz. But it’s like a project to her, kist something to sit down and do after a long day of work. The whole atmosphere there was light and cosy, and the carpeted floor so comfortable :)

That night was a beautiful cloudless night, and twinkling stars showered the dark canvas of the sky. We couldn’t capture it on camera, but I guess it’s something you can only appreciate in person :’) a thousand bright stars casting a cool glow, some so distinctly colored, others hardly discernible. I could see our Milky Way– it’s amazing.

I talked to Elyse for a long while after, just a heart to heart talk, it was so fun! And eye-opening, kinda :) we were talking about our schools. She studies in a British international school and the culture there seems really different from Singapore schools, for better or for worse. I wanna study overseas someday… British or American university, I guess (;

She made a friendship bracelet for me out of alpaca wool and yarn.

And before I shut my iPad and get caught up in my stuff, just wanted to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!! :D Do something great; LIVE each day~ :)


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