Welcome Home :)

Welcome home. Dejavu~ A couple of years back, I was in this same position (albeit with a different computer and a  different page formatting), with equally excited thoughts surging through my head. Now I’m here again, the same person, but with a fresh blank page on a rival website. How I love to write, dang. But it’s  been a while since I’ve posted something ONLINE, since I’ve mustered the courage to.  Posting your thoughts online is scarier than it seems– you don’t know who’s gonna read it and what they’ll think. But here I am nonetheless,  and here i really need to thank Laura, Eugene and… Ryan. So different, but united by writing. :)

And YEAH I finally, finally checked out my old blog (simply-me-forever.blogspot.com). Not that it’s anything cringe-worthy, it’s just so– similar and yet different from the way i write now, the content i present now.

My first post, I want to dedicate it to my url :) ‘ME‘ — Simply me, but not just me, is what I want to convey. ‘Me’ encompasses my life, my friends, my thoughts, my feelings,  my family. :) Everything and everyone that shaped me, inspired me and frustrated me at the different times in my life.

With that, it’s on the my next post– the one i was planning on the way home and in the shower. I’M EXCITED :D



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