Looking back, 2011 was a truly a life-changing year for me! Academics-wise, a little  bit. But SOCIAL-wise, even more. In 2011 I grew more than I did any one year. :)

1. RSP Trip (Dec 2010)

Haha alright, it isn’t exactly 2011, but it impacted me quite a bit. It started my reflections going, in a way. That year we went on a fully-sponsored trip to Malaysia to immerse ourselves in its culture, visit the school there, etcetc. But what I gained from it was so much more.

As part of the programme, we had a morning forest trek. It had just rained the day before, and grumpy from the early morning, I was, really frankly, in no mood to stomp through a muddy forest. With people whom I just met, and armed with the simplest of Malay. Up we clawed, down we slid… Then, we hit a almost-vertical stretch of mud which we were supposed to scale. And that’s when things changed. The students there –people who barely knew us– lined the field, dug in, and hung on while we rgs girls scratched and fought our way up the hill. It may not seem much, maybe, but I was so struck by their kindness. Would I do that? Two years ago, the answer might’ve been a indignant no, but now, it will be a resounding yes.

2. Vice-Captainship

My sister :) Need I say more? The late nights, the last-minute rushes, going out, getting distracted on fruit ninja, talking and talking and talking. I love you (:

All my efforts to do something for the school.

3. National Science Challenge

My social life exploded. It may have started out as a hyped-up, televised competition. But even though we didn’t go far, we made friends. :) And I met Nathaniel Too. (the first) My eyes opened to the world. Before that I was ensconced in a little bubble of my own, in a way. Boys were a different species, we didn’t talk. And at the end of the day, no matter what the future is, I owe my thanks to Nattoo, for persisting so hard, so long, for teaching me something new for the first time in my life.

4. Fiammetta

My first year as an upper sec really came as a shock to me. I never expected it to come– even towards the end of year 2, I was still this happy-go-lucky kid without a clue of the ‘world out there’. I was happy in my school, I didn’t want to go anywhere. Making new friends in the Board, growing closer, listening to our plans, our visions, our dreams and hopes.

5. Fencing

My first outside friends, I think. The first time I interacted with people not from my school, and found out so much more about MYSELF in the process. Haha, but that’s a story for another time. ;) LOL I sound like i’m telling a story to a lil kid :)

6. Pokemon Group

I still find it really funny!!! The name, I mean. The people there are no joke at all. (i meant that in the best way possible). Whenever the text pops up “Pokemon…..” like it does really often now, my friends will exclaim incredulously. POKEMON?! Mich, seriously?! And I’ll just grin and nod. What can I say– it’s a pokemon group. But it’s so much more than that, and I’m starting to understand. I can’t imagine how lucky I was — how fateful this meeting was. <3 But thank you, all the same. Another long story, with its ending waiting to be written. :) And i’m gonna write it.


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